The Installation Of Solar Power System For Your Home

House with Solar Panels

The use of solar energy is on the rise in the United States. This can be attributed to the continuous decline in costs, which dropped by over 70% since 2010. This drives the growth in demand.

As a result, installations doubled in 2016, as more areas in the country began recognizing the benefits of solar energy. Today, more residential and commercial properties are investing in the renewable source of energy of their own volition, or even when they aren’t receiving subsidies from the state government.

If you plan to install solar panels for your home, here are some factors to consider before getting a contractor to do the job.

Does your roof support solar panels?

Your roofing system needs to have adequate access to sunlight. This means unobstructed access to the energy source, not just for the whole day but the entire year. Roof angle and space also matter to solar installation; roof angle ensures optimal placement of the panels, and space determines the kind of system you’ll need to meet your electricity needs.

Do you lease or buy?

Correct Energy New Mexico explains that homeowners have two options with solar installation: leasing and buying. Leasing can cover every aspect of your solar system, from the backend equipment to the panels. You pay a fixed monthly rate for the panels. Meanwhile, you may have to pay more with a purchase, but it’s a good investment if you own your property. Home buyers tend to offer more for properties with systems that will save them money in the long run.

What do you do about permits?

Permits are necessary to ensure the local government that the installation adheres to its safety and quality standards. This is also helpful once you decide to sell your home. It will show potential buyers that you took all the necessary steps to installing a solar panel for your home.

It’s not a bad thing to join the bandwagon if it’s for a good cause. But consider your options for solar systems well, and talk it over with a professional solar panel installer.