Military Families: The Extraordinary Task Of Parenting

American Soldier With His Family

One year without deployment can make a military spouse feel calm and collected but it's not always going to be this easy. In these recent war-stricken years, the task of holding down the home front has seemed an almost insurmountable one. Kids are worried about the safety of a parent, spouses must single-handedly take care of daily duties, and the loneliness of being apart is no light cross to bear. But, military spouses can equip themselves in ways that lighten the load.

Moving Around and Finding Child Care Support

Military families move around for training and changes in work assignments; a fact which could be hard on the children (if there are any in the family). But, thankfully, help is available to ease the children into the change of scenery. For example, moving families can seek out extended stay hotels near Fort Lee Virginia that provide active kids enough space to move around and play. There are many adequately furnished apartments in Richmond that are accessible to facilities like school, daycare, medical services, and eco parks. The base also has a child development center to enhance resilience and readiness through education and sports and help parents when hourly supervision is needed. There is even a short list of screened and trained babysitters for military families.

Developing Resilience Among Kids

Speaking honestly but positively is a good way to help young ones cope with events like deployment. Children are very perceptive and will pick up on how their parents feel, so explaining the circumstances with patience and affection will quiet some of their questions. While acknowledging that feelings of fear and loneliness are valid and real, it is also important to highlight that life must go on in a positive way. A good way to do this is through activities that allow kids to exercise, play, and engage their minds. The base provides a program in which youth sponsors are assigned to other kids for friendship, guidance, and additional support. Ultimately, the parents' strength, positivity, and resilience will greatly influence their children's ability to cope.

It takes strength, focus, and time management to surmount the unique challenges of being a military spouse, but a home of loving well-adjusted kids is possible when families get the help they need.