Just Hanging Out: 4 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

Group of friends hanging out

Thinking of fun things to do with your friends on an otherwise boring day? Why waste a perfectly good day or evening when you can share it with your buddies? Here are some ideas.

Host a Potluck Barbecue

Your friends can bring over any meat and sausages, or even vegetables, they have lying around in the fridge plus soda or beer. Fire up the barbecue in your backyard and before you know it, you have an instant party.

Go Out for Some Spicy Food

Spicy Mexican food that is. Look for Mexican restaurants in Virginia and call your friends to meet you there. Spicy food, stories, and laughter are a few hours of bliss on an ordinary day.

Watch a Few Movies or TV Series Together

Call your friends and ask them about their favorite movies or TV series. Then get together and have a little debate on the merits of the titles you want to watch. Whether you all bring a copy of the film or stream it online through Netflix, its several hours of movie or TV watching with friends. Still remember the simple joy of that? Make sure to have some popcorn and beverages at the ready.

Do Some Volunteer Work

This hits two birds with one stone: You get to hang out with your favorite people while helping others. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, YMCA, or an old folks’ home. It can be as simple as mowing the lawn or washing dishes or serving soup. This can form a stronger bond among you and your friends.

There are many things you can do with your friends to get away from boredom, or to use your free hours and make them count. Try this list, or get your friends together and come up with your own list.