The Affordable, Comfort-Increasing Addition to Your Home

Translucent Curtain

A strategy that can help you control hikes in household energy consumption is the use of furnishings designed to prevent heat/cold gains and losses. You’ll find them especially helpful during summer and winter when you rely heavily on your space heater or air conditioning system.

Nowadays, more and more homeowners have begun to realise the value and benefits of sunscreen roller blinds. They serve not just aesthetic purposes; they also effectively mitigate unnecessary hikes in utility bills.

Blocking excessive sunlight and heat

Some of the biggest contributors to poor indoor climate during summer are bare windows. These are responsible for allowing high levels of heat to penetrate a building. In fact, they are the leading source of unwanted heat gains. As a result, people living in homes with unprotected or unshaded glass windows tend to make their air conditioners work harder than necessary, leading to spikes in energy use.

Sunscreen blinds installed in the right locations can help keep excessive sunlight and heat at bay.

Protecting you and your other home furnishings from harmful UV rays

Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause various health problems, not to mention blinding glare. Yes, you need the sun’s help for maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin D in your body, but in excess, it can cause skin irritation and sunburns. It can even lead to skin cancer.

With sunscreen window blinds, you can worry less about these health hazards. Depending on the material used, these covers can also block as much as 75% of harmful UV rays. You can find products that provide even greater protection from the sun’s damaging light and heat.

Materials and installation location matter

Before you go on a blinds shopping spree, though, keep in mind that the effectiveness of these window furnishings depends not just on their materials, but their installation location too. Also, some types of window blinds are for indoor use only, while some are more suitable for outdoor installation.