Professional Home Exterior Painting Ideas for Healthy Homes

Exterior Painting

The majority of homeowners in New Zealand overlook the aspect of green remodelling in exterior painting. Some of them argue that an exterior paint job will not minimise their energy costs, but it’s actually the opposite. Going green is not about only about creating energy-efficient homes, but creating healthy spaces as well as protecting the environment.

Did you know that a green choice of exterior paint could safeguard your drinking water supplies and minimise indoor and outdoor pollution? Capital Decorators Ltd says that those are only some of the reasons you should go green when hiring professional painters in Wellington.

So, how do you ensure your exterior painting is green?

Choose Paint Over Stains

Unlike paint, exterior finishes, especially wood stains, doesn’t contain high levels of pesticides and are a good choice when you want to go green.

Use Low- or No-VOC Paint

Traditional paints emit volatile organic compounds and continually emit these compounds for years after their initial application. These VOCs compromise the quality of your indoor air and could cause respiratory problems.

Use Safe Application Procedures

Paints affect the surrounding air during the application process, and improper use can cause hidden wear and tear with time. Follow the manufacturer’s application guide and keep your windows and doors shut during the entire application process.

Use Latex or Water-Based Paint

Solvent-based paints contain VOCs and other toxic ingredients. On the other hand, latex and water-based paints use water as a thinner, which makes it less risky. Also, water-based paints are ideal for exterior applications.

It’s no doubt that going green with your exterior paint is the right choice for healthy spaces. Remember to always consult a contractor that specialises in green building for further explanation on how going green will benefit you.