Metal Fences: Rust Prevention Advice You Need

Metal Fence

Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter way to care and maintain your home fences since most of them are made from different materials. The good news? Proper and preventive maintenance can help make their life span longer.

One of the most common home staples is a metal fence gate. Among all the materials you can make a fence with, metal is known to be the most durable and can definitely protect your homes and last a lifetime. The only downside? Rusting. Luckily, there are some effective ways to prevent your metal fence gates from rusting.

1. Protect

The number one culprit for metals deteriorating is precipitation, which is most commonly experienced during the wet and winter season. Thus, protecting metal fences from water seeping is necessary. Coating your fences with primer can protect it, as well. Using oil-based paints to add an extra layer of protection afterward would definitely be helpful.

2. Clean

Maintain the color of your fence by cleaning it with soap and water once every six months. Applying a thin coat of metal-grade wax after doing so can further help protect the paint surface.

3. Scrape and re-coat

The best way to fight rust is by scraping it off the moment it starts to manifest itself. Use a sandpaper to remove the rust then apply a coat of rust preventing primers to protect the area once again.

4. Repaint (if needed)

Do not be afraid to repaint your fences if needed. The right type of paint also offers an extra layer of protection for your fences and can definitely help prevent rusting.

As mentioned, there is no ready-made and easy method to maintain your fences. The secret in maintaining metal fences lies in patience, regular inspection, and most importantly the use of the right products at the right time. Invest as much time and effort in taking care of your fences. It would be easier than having to change everything all the time.