How To Maintain Your Refrigerator Properly

Closeup of a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the most common appliances that you have at home. There are a lot of things you need to know about your refrigerator to maximize its use fully.

If you need to have your refrigerator checked, there are fridge repair services in Salt Lake City such as All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. that could provide you with reliable technicians. To avoid future problems with your fridge, know the right way to maintain it.

Make Sure That The Door Is Sealed

You have to remember that if the door of your fridge is not properly sealed, you will waste energy and it will not work properly as expected. This is what you can do: first, check the seals and ensure that there is no food residue in them.

If there is, with the use of a toothbrush, you clean it with a solution of water and baking soda (you can do this two times a year). Then, do a dollar-bill check by putting the bill in between the door seal leaving a part inside and out then close the door.

If the bill stays, the seal is still good, if the bill easily slips, you will need an expert to check it.

Make Sure To Clean The Coils

You should check your refrigerator’s condenser coils as well. Your fridge will not run efficiently if there is too much dust covering the coil. Pull your refrigerator from your wall so you can see the coils at the back of the machine, unplug it and use a brush attachment to a vacuum. You can also do these twice a year.

Make Sure Of The Temperature

For best results and performance, you should keep the temperature of your fridge between 37°F to 40°F. For your freezer, make it a point to set it to 0 degrees.

There are other ways to maintain your refrigerator to keep running smoothly and good as new, but knowing the basic is a good start.