3 Steps To Get Your Garage Door Ready For The Bad Weather

Snow-laden driveway

Storms and Winter can be ruthless. However, you cannot prevent them from happening. You can only prepare. The preparation starts in your home.

A storm damaged garage door in Salt Lake City is not a rare sight during bad weather conditions. Your garage door is the largest entryway and moving part of your home. Can you imagine the hassle if it gets damaged?

You cannot get your car in or out. Water and cold air will enter your garage and home. Mice and other pests may come in as well. Prevent these problems by weatherproofing your garage door in three steps.

Get a Battery Backup

Automatic garage doors are common these days. These doors often end up stuck and unusable when there is no electricity. As you know, power interruptions happen a lot during stormy days.

You cannot just wait to have the power lines restored for hours. What if you need to get your car in or get it out? Price’s Guaranteed Doors notes that opting for a garage door with a battery backup feature is a good idea, as it lets you control your garage door even during unexpected power outages.


Water, cold air and pests may enter through the gap between the garage door and floor, as well as from the sides of the door. Weatherproofing your garage door involves covering the gaps. Weatherstrip is used to seal the top and sides of a garage door.

You may choose between bottom seal or threshold seal for the gap between the garage door and floor. The bottom seal is attached to the lowest part of the garage door. In contrast, the threshold seal is fixed to the floor. Both are efficient and inexpensive.


A storm damaged garage door poses several costly problems. These include the repairs and replacements needed. You also have to pay more for heating use as a result of cold air entering the garage.

Today, many hardware stores sell insulation kits. For beginners, it is best to seek professional services than go for a DIY installation. If your garage door calls for replacement, opt for a prefabricated insulated one.

Begin your weatherproofing routine with your garage door. If you need to buy a new one, get an insulated one with a battery backup. Keep in mind to seal the gaps on all four sides as well.