Migraine Solutions: Have You Tried These Treatments Yet?

Woman Having A Headache

A huge percentage of people suffer from migraines. Some have it so bad that they have to miss days of work. Others have them so often that one migraine starts to blend with the next. Pain medications sure help handle the situation, but only until the next wave of pain hits.

There are so many triggers for migraines, and they are different for each individual. Similarly, there are also different ways of treating the condition.


Sandy residents enjoy a quick massage every once in a while for back pain and stress, but it can also be as effective as migraine relief. With methods that primarily target problem areas and help you relax, you’ll find your migraine ebbing away shortly after the treatment. A full-body massage can also do wonders for your stressed body–and we all know how stress and migraines are related, right?

Green LED Light

A migraine is usually associated with light sensitivity. Imagine having to stare at an LED light to manage the condition. That’s what a Californian study tried to suggest to patients, and according to their findings, green LED light has reduced the pain by 40-50%. They also mentioned that the participants of the study asked not to give back the LED light, and some of them have been using it to treat their migraine at home. Though the correlation is yet to be studied further, doctors say that the effect of LED light has something to do with the production of happy hormones.

Avoiding MSG

An Australian research seems to reveal that the presence of Chinese takeaway restaurants was related to the number of migraine sufferers in an area. MSG is an ingredient in these Chinese restaurants, and according to the study, there were more migraine sufferers in areas with more Chinese takeaways. This information helps patients manage their migraine by avoiding food that has too much MSG.

Each person may have a different way of managing migraine, but one thing is for sure: you will not run out of treatment ideas. You just have to find the one that works for you.