Health and Aesthetic Benefits of Dental Implants

A small collection of prosthetic teeth

A missing tooth (or teeth) can cause several problems to a person’s bite, smile, and overall oral health, which is why many people opt for dentures and bridges to fix them. These procedures often require a relatively meticulous upkeep and can even cause long-term discomfort to the wearer.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now replace your teeth with dental implants that look and feel natural. An expert in cosmetic dentistry in Meridian, such as Scott W. Grant, DMD, can help you in this. But before you do that, here are the benefits you can enjoy from this treatment.

Dental Implants

They anchor these artificial teeth into the jawbone. They do not decay like regular teeth as they are made of titanium metal. Considered as the best permanent solution to replace missing teeth, they can also support other dental prosthesis such as bridge, denture, or crown.

Health and Aesthetic Benefits

The loss of bone after a tooth extraction may cause your gums to recede. This can be unsightly whenever you smile. Dental implants provide a replacement for the bone loss, keeping your gums healthy and your smile undamaged. It can even fix problems you once had with your smile like crooked teeth.

People with missing teeth often need to sacrifice certain foods that are hard to bite and chew. Dental implants aid in this problem because they are highly durable and can help you enjoy most foods. Other prosthesis does not provide the same kind of support that implants do.

Additionally, you can have it done in just a day, depending on your condition. Its speedy process along with its permanent results really makes this method a true winner.

If you want a comfortable, easy, and long-term solution to your missing teeth, you should definitely consider getting dental implants. You can reach us for more information on this treatment.