Getting Rid Of Obvious Scars

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Perfect skin is definitely goals. But as life happens, it is hardly possible. Scars can cause an otherwise confident person to feel self-conscious and embarrassed. It is true that these marks never really disappear. They can, however, become hardly noticeable with skin treatments. Here are some types of scars and their respective treatment options available, according to a top dermatologist in Sandy, Utah.

New Acne Scars

These marks occurring after the healing of acne can be a different color, pitted, or both. Beta-Hydroxy Acids and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are common ingredients to look for in products. We find them in redness or mild discoloration corrective products. They work by loosening old skin until it gently peels off and gives way to a new and brighter layer. Depressed scars are harder to deal with. However, particularly for younger skin, they can fade over time. The trick is to stimulate the production of collagen, a type of protein abundant in the human body. Collagen helps facilitate the growth of new skin. It plays a significant role when the skin heals itself.


Some people are more likely to develop keloids than others. It is, unfortunately, a matter of genetics. These protruding and discolored scars are the result of the skin’s deep healing. That’s why surgery isn’t advisable for this skin type because it might only lead to more keloids. More effective at addressing this problem are laser treatment and silicone gel or sheeting.

Old Depressed Scars

Trauma can cause dents or holes on the skin. They are very distracting and impossible to cover up with even the best concealer. But with time and advanced dermatological tools, their appearance can be visibly reduced. A great dermatologist can use dermal fillers in the depressed area to even out the skin. Using a laser, dermal rollers and chemical peel rev up collagen production. Just remember that minimizing a scar’s appearance will require several sessions and will take time.

A scar may ruin the beauty of your skin, but don’t fret. Enjoy the wonders of new technology.