Better Smiles Do Not Always Mean Metal Braces

Do you want perfectly aligned teeth? Of course, you do. But what if you’ve missed your window to get metal braces? Whilst there are adults who get braces past their teenage years, the ‘look’ it gives is still mostly associated with high school-aged adolescents.

Good thing dental care technology has come a long way. Getting your teeth aligned no longer means wearing metal braces, which could be unsightly. It is still the most cost-effective way to deal with teeth misalignment, but it is always better to have options.

Learn about your other options now.


During your Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist will create a sequence of clear invisible braces that you can wear every day to fix your teeth’s alignment. They are removable plastic aligners that will need to be replaced every few months as your teeth move into place. This option is ideal for misalignments that are not very severe.

Lingual Braces or Retainers

These appliances work like traditional metal braces and retainers, but they are fixed to the back of your teeth. They are ideal perfect if you need the strength and support of metal braces, but want to skip the unsightly bulk in front of your teeth. Wearing them could be a big adjustment, though. You may have difficulty eating or speaking a few weeks after the procedure.

Ceramic Braces

These are likewise braces but are tooth-coloured, making them less noticeable. You can even request the wires to be tooth-coloured as well. It works exactly like metal braces, including the treatment time and the results.

The option you will end up taking will depend on your condition and your orthodontist’s recommendations. Some of these methods might not be applicable, depending on the severity of your teeth’s misalignment. At least, with these new options, you are confident it is never too late to get your teeth fixed.