3 Signs You May Need Oral Surgery

Dentist and His Assistant Performing a Surgery on a Patient

It isn’t easy to tell whether you need dental surgery on your own. Only a professional can determine the severity of your dental problems. However, you can help your dentist by vigilantly monitoring your oral health for any issues and reporting them immediately.

If you notice any of the following, you might want to consult with a capable oral surgeon in West Jordan:

Insufficient Bone Density

If you want to have a dental implant but you have already lost a significant amount of jawbone density, oral surgery will be a good remedy for you. Before placing an implant, your surgeon will graft some bone which will build up or add density to your jawbone. The bones can come from either yourself or a donor. After the grafted bone has completely fused with your jawbone, your dentist will proceed with the implantation. Bone grafting will take three to four months to heal completely.

Badly Broken Teeth

There are many approaches to fixing a broken tooth. However, there are severe cases where dental surgery is the only way to repair the tooth.

Tooth Loss

If you have lost or damaged teeth, it will be wise to consider a tooth replacement. Although not all tooth replacement approaches require surgery, if you want a restoration that will last for years, you need to consider tooth surgery. The most effective form of surgery for a damaged or lost tooth is an implant.

The above are reasons that might require you to have dental surgery. However, if you have dental issues, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.