Mini and Large Excavators: Know Which Equipment is Right for You

Unlike in the past when there was few developed construction machinery, today’s innovative transport engineering solutions have facilitated the invention of more efficient and less labour-intensive equipment. Part of these advanced machines is excavators.

However, ensure you get proper guidance on the right type of excavator that would best meet your construction needs to keep operational costs to a minimum. Excavators are a versatile type of earthmoving equipment that is flexible to suit different landscaping, earthmoving and digging applications.

How large your construction site is and the amount of work you have to complete in a given time will determine the type of excavator you use. Here is a closer look at the two main classifications of excavators.

Mini excavators

These excavators weigh up to 1.8 tonnes and can handle different construction works. Typically, they come with different work tools depending on the particular construction activity you need them to do – demolition, digging, or trenching.

The various varieties of buckets, such as rippers, hammers and grabs, and compaction plates help increase the versatility of this equipment.

Large excavators

These machines are useful whenever you need to increase work output at your construction site. And while this increase in productivity implies you will complete more work in less time, to remain a viable option, it should not cost you more than the value you had quoted for excavation.

You, therefore, should ensure the large excavator you choose has an appropriately designed cab for easy operation and comfort. The gauges and switches should also be ergonomically friendly to minimise operational fatigue.

You may need to have your excavators come with a Global Positioning System tracker, too, should you plan to monitor then when working in remote sites.

The bottom line, however, is that irrespective of whether you are planning to buy or hire new or used equipment, working with a reputable supplier will ensure you get machines that are in optimal functional condition, as well as safe for use.

They will also give you unbiased information on current trends in transport engineering and guide you in finding a practical solution to your construction need.